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“NBFP-Private believes in the importance of giving you the education and information needed to make financial decisions with confidence, now and into the future.”

We all lead busy lives and often do not get time to deal with the financial planning issues that need close attention. We take pride in our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and goals. Understanding that in financial planning there isn’t a one size fits all strategy, we tailor advice for the sole purpose of each client being able to realise their financial needs and goals. NBFP Private can help you by making best in class services available to you nationwide.

As a client of NBFP Private what you can expect from us is a personalised tailored service which is impartial that puts you and your family at the centre of everything we do!

Nick Lawlor

Nick Lawlor

Managing Director

Nick is a Certified Financial Planner, Qualified Financial Adviser, Specialist Investment Adviser and the Managing Director of New Beginning Financial Services.   Nick leads the Employee Financial Wellness team and is responsible for all elements of the service from tailored programme design to implementation.
Kieran Ward

Kieran Ward

Director, Financial Services

Kieran is the Financial Services Director and has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.   Specialities include Financial Education, Strategic Financial Planning for Senior Executives and Group Scheme Management.   Kieran works closely with Nick in the implementation of all the programmes.

Mark O'Grady

Mark O'Grady

National Sales Director

Mark runs the Employee Financial Wellness programme.  Mark’s goal is simple; education. He’s there to help employees understand the areas of their financial plan that are important and specific to their personal circumstances and employee life-cycle stage. He is involved in the delivery of Seminars and is your point of contact for the Clinics on-site at your office. Mark loves a good presentation question so be sure to ask lots of them!
Niall Jones LIB QFA

Niall Jones LIB QFA


Niall is one of our Senior Retirement and Pension Advisers. He is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and a Retirement Planning Adviser (RPA). Niall is famed for the time he gives his clients.

He explains things in a wonderfully clear and concise manner. Niall always wants to make sure that his clients fully understand all elements of their financial plan and NBFP-Private.

Cillian Thompson

Cillian Thompson


Cillian is one of our financial planners. He supports all of our clients with regard to their financial decisions from pension and retirement planning applications and reports.

He has incredible attention to detail and ensures that all our processes run like clockwork. Cillian is a sports fanatic and coaches and plays football at a serious level. He is driven and motivated and is a key member of the NBFP-Private team.

Ann Blake

Ann Blake


Ann is our diligent Office Manager. She ensures the smooth running of the office every day. She is also responsible for all our compliance checks and balances.

Ann also ensures that our client’s annual pension updates are processed. She arranges for follow-ups to be conducted with all of our existing clients.

Patrick Hegarty

Patrick Hegarty

Relationship managers

Patrick is our relationship manager, he works to improve business relationships with all our partner firms and clients. He is a key part of our NBFP-Private team.

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